Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Could it possibly be true that...

1. ...some chacham at 25 Broadway has allowed Renee Rothstein to download all professional leadership of the Tel Aviv GA to Becky Caspi? One JFNA senior professional without a whit of federation experience handing off to an Israel-based senior professional
er, Director General, handing off what should be, but is no more, the major annual event on the Jewish organizational calendar -- handing off to another with not a whit of federation experience. So, is anyone surprised that the GA content is so unrelated to the issues federations are facing.

2. ...Federation CEOs are so focused on the issues they are facing locally, that they are disinterested in effecting change of the GA program to reflect federation concerns? I am reminded of the GA in Los Angeles a decade or more ago when those same CEOs, merely weeks before the GA convened, captured the GA program, rewrote it to focus on the Israel-Diaspora relationship and, in so doing, created a GA that was meaningful and memorable. Today, no one appears to give a damn.

3. ...that JFNA has no data on the number of Birthright alumni who serve on the Young Leadership Cabinets and on Federation Boards. And, the reason: JFNA has never asked. Maybe someone will ask on FedCentral. Birthright trips began in 1999; now sending 50,000 to Israel each year. What was and is the Jewish future must also be the Jewish present for 10s of 1000s. So what does JFNA know of these adults?

Just askin'.



Anonymous said...

So the blind will lead the blind to what will no doubt be reported in FedWorld as a highly successful and well-attended event.
Remind me to urge my chidren and cousins in Israel to register so that attendance will be great and they won't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of this important dialogue.
No need to worry about the program or content because the blind are being supervised by the deaf and they evidently think that we are both as we continue to allow this farce to proceed.

Anonymous said...

As a GA "addict," it is hard to believe how irrelevant JFNA has made these once great annual events. I stopped attending two years ago after 15 consecutive years and I am saddened that the program has just gotten worse year-after-year.