Thursday, July 19, 2018


For American Diaspora Jews, one needs a great sense of humor when engaging with Israel today. So much is going on and so much is going wrong. After all we can either laugh or cry when...

  • The Prime Minister can assert that Israel's "strongest allies" in America are Evangelical Christians. Not American Jews, not the organized Jewish Community...Evangelical Christians!!!
  • A Member of Knesset from Shas who, after asserting that Reform Jews "are not Jews," alleged that those who lobby for the egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel (as agreed to by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet before Bibi breached that agreement) were to blame for earthquakes that struck the Galilee on June 27!! (The same chacham went on to assert that if Reform Jews want an egalitarian prayer space, they should "take the money (they) invest in Israel and build a Kotel in the U.S.") 
I don't wish to suggest that rampant stupidity is strictly an Israeli-American Jewish community phenomenon. It isn't. Take for example the obviously 100% true allegation of the Head of the Iran Civil Defense Organization, citing "scientific studies" that allegedly prove that Iran's drought has been caused by "[J]oint  teams from Israel and one of the neighboring countries are deseeding the clouds entering Iran." As one article headlined: "Iranian General Blames Drought on Israel Cloud Thieves."  Yes, "cloud and snow theft." Felonies.

Start-Up Nation, indeed.

And, not wanting to be outdone, a lower level spokesman for the White House, concluded that the wonderful relationship between President Trump and Bibi proved that the United States is now "beloved" around the world as compared to the eight years of the Obama Administration. Must be watching Fox News.


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Anonymous said...

The bizarre behavior continues 24/7 -- you haven't covered much of the bizarre. In particular the action of the ultra-Orthodox in Israel