Monday, April 23, 2018


I learned from one of you Readers that in Internet-Speak, "FRD" doesn't mean "Financial Resource Development," instead it means "a ridiculous, stupid act" -- "fucking retarded" = "FRD." That caused me to think -- and, sure enough...politically incorrect.

Let me explain...

When Vicki Agron dictated the hire of Brian Abrahams as JFNA's Senior Vice-President, Financial Resource Development, along with so many who knew or knew of Brian and his work at Aipac and, long, long before that, UJA, I was thrilled. I think everyone was. And, then, when in one of his first acts, Brian terminated Agron's choice to lead Planned Giving and Endowments, one who everyone should have known would be a terrible fit, I was even more thrilled. 

And, then, nothing happened. "FRD" happened; what was once FRD became "FRD."

When Planned Giving and Endowments emerged as a national activity, Marty Kraar, z'l, hired Don Kent to lead the embryonic effort. Don was a brilliant, aggressive promoter of "PG&E;" with whom I had numerous clashes b'shem shamayim; my sense being that the effort should have been within UJA, the national fund-raising entity. When, the UJA-CJF Partnership emerged, certain functions were transferred between the partners and UJA succeeded to Kent's efforts. Joe Imberman was hired to professionally lead the effort, and he continued in that leadership role through the first decade of JFNA. Joe left and, today, we have the remnant of PG&E. Leaderless.

While there are many examples of the collapse of FRD into "FRD," just look -- the position of VP-Planned Giving and Endowments remains unfilled. Last I looked the position was reposted in February 2018. A recent headline in the FedWorld rag trumpeted the reality: "$30 Trillion Intergenerational Wealth Transfer is Underway," And, how is JFNA "FRD" responding? "(JFNA) is on it with field leader 21/64." Yes, JFNA did what "FRD" does best -- it hired a consultant.  And 21/64 -- Next Generation Philanthropy looks like a terrific, skilled Women-Owned Business (whether a contract with JFNA is appropriate when JFNA's Gail Norry serves on its small Board, is a matter for another day). 

So FRD and "FRD" add to its ever-growing list of part-time consultants -- add 21/64 to Agron, 8 (or is it 9) excellent community consultants -- it is never healthy for an organization to be top-heavy with consultants, no matter how skilled  -- I'll bet that if someone were managing FRD/"FRD" they could ask 21/64 and 21/64 would tell JFNA exactly that. 

And JFNA isn't asking!! Never asks. Won't ask.

It's FRD the "FRD" way; it's "FRD" the JFNA way.



Anonymous said...

The Brian Abrahams you knew is not the Brian Abrahams of today.
He did a great job at AIPAC until he got bored. Then he sat on his ass.
Like wise we have heard nothing about him since he joined JFNA.
The way to survive at JFNA is to give great memo and make no waves.
You don’t really need to do anything.
He is fitting right in.

Anonymous said...

If he fits in so well, perhaps he's Jerry's successor.
It sounds like he's got all the qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Jerry Silverman appears to have totally disappeared? Does he show at 25 Broadway to pick up his check or does he just direct deposit, ashamed to show his face? Has he fallen off his treadmill desk and he can't get up? Is he spending all his time in Israel trying to figure out what to say about Bibi's latest assault on Israel's civil society? Or is he just in constant flight from the reality that JFNA is a disaster or is he flying hither and yon to maximize his frequent flier miles sort of like an ersatz Scott Pruitt? Or is he at his desk at 25 Broadway but no one can tell?

What the hell are WE paying this guy $750,000 for?

Jennifer Mizrahi said...

There is no reason for you introduce major slurs against people with disabilities in your comments. You did it several times and it is reprehensible. I am ashamed and disgusted.

During the years when you were in major leadership positions I was urgently trying to get my child with a disability to be accepted and served at a Jewish day school. We faced one rejection after another. We also were blocked from full participation at one synagogue and camp after another. I was not the only parent of a child with a disability whose child was rejected. I saw it all around me. And most parents took their children, involvment and philanthropic dollars and dumped the Jewish community which had dumped them.

The Jewish community tries over and over to keep Jews inside the tent. They focus on intermarriage, assimilation and so much more. But there are Jews with disabilities who WANT to be inside the tent - who are contantly pushed out. Now with your rude and horrific comments, I can see partially why it has been so hard to fight for equality in our community. Because people who think like you are simply not living up to our Jewish values.