Saturday, December 9, 2017


To write that we live in strange and unusual times is to vastly overstate the obvious.

Examples abound:

1. JFNA.

2. Bret Stephens described a recent "gala" so perfectly:
"The Zionist Organization of America feted Stephen K. Bannon at a gala dinner in New York on Sunday night. What a disgrace.
What a mistake, too.
It’s a disgrace because no organization that purports to represent the interests of the Jewish people should ever embrace anyone who embraces anti-Semites. Jews have enemies enough. To provide those enemies with moral cover for the sake of political convenience or ideology corroborates the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes and strengthens the hand of those who mean us harm."
 Maybe some would disagree. Perhaps some even believe that the ZOA exists for some purpose beyond the glorification of its "CEO for life." Perhaps, perhaps. 

3. Is it unfair to question whether the leaders of JFNA have any convictions, let alone the courage of them? Given the opportunity to directly confront Prime Minister Netanyahu as his interlocutor over Face Time at the Closing Plenary of the GA, Board Chair Sandler, first, accepted by silence the P.M.'s false assertion with regard to the deal on egalitarian prayer space at the Kotel and, then, as Uri Blau wrote in Haaretz:

"Sandler’s following questions were equally as fluffy and non-confrontational, and avoided challenging the prime minister on topics of key importance for many of America's Jewish community, such as the issue of pluralism in Israel or the lack of progress in peace talks with the Palestinians. Instead, they discussed Israel’s achievements and future goals."
read more:
Why? Here was a moment in real time opportune to engage Netanyahu on the issues raised in the just-enacted Resolution on the subject and, instead, bowing and scraping.

Perhaps, Sandler just proved why JFNA operates by letter and Resolution. We're just pals, buddies, BFF's.

4. Many of you have forwarded Kathy Manning's letter announcing her run for U.S. Congress and soliciting a contribution. I think she will make a great Congressperson. 




Bob Hyfler said...

Not particular to JFNA, too many of our aspiring Jewish leaders "operate by selfie" and the belief that they must be (however ignored) at the table.

Anonymous said...

Manning will be great in Congress - a backer of big, expensive ego-driven plans with questionable benefit. She'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Add to the bizarre at Bizzaro World: after kissing tuchus to get that White House Chanukah Party invite, were JFNA leaders like Silverman cut out when Trump reduced the invitation list from 2,000 to 300 and, further, did Jerry have a tantrum when he discovered no photo op would be forthcoming?