Monday, November 13, 2017


As I have often (too often??) compared the JFNA of today and the past 8+ years to the gang that couldn't shoot straight," the following story in the Chicago Sun-Times, November 3, rang a bell with me:
"No bond for man who shot himself in penis while robbing hot dog stand"
"A 19 year old man who shot himself in thepenis after allegedly holding up a South Side hot dog stand Tuesday won't be goin home when he's released from the hospital.
(The accused) was unable to run further (after the robbery) because of the pain of a self-inflicted gunshot wound suffered when he tried to adjust the.38 caliber pistol in his waistband as he ran off after robbing (the hot dog stand).
(The robber's) blood-stained boxers matched the underwear he had on in the surveillance video..." 

Perhaps this is just another example of "man plans; G-d laughs" -- perhaps it's the perfect parable for JFNA. 

Perhaps not.


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Bob Hyfler said...

Speaking of metaphors.
This is actually an excellent article. Yet in less than one generation the word "thick" has gone from meaning slow on the uptake to a standard of institutional excellence.

And thanks Richard for your shout outs. What I sometimes lose in terms of public appearances is made up by some great invitations for coffee and conversation with some wonderful leaders. And as Special Agent Dale Cooper would say, "Damn good coffee!"