Thursday, June 29, 2017


Yes, like these ancient clowns the so-called "leadership" of JFNA is so, so busy, it is impossible for them to see the forest for the trees. While JFNA circles the drain, they continue to applaud each other while federation lay and professional leaders outside the
oligarchy look on in horror and disengage.

The small, small cabal is willing, often even anxious to humiliate themselves, to abase themselves in order to further ingratiate themselves to a leadership that appears to revel in this worship as much as they reject all criticism and those who deliver it..

Yet I cannot yet believe that this group of JFNA pro and lay leader insiders is delusional and totally divorced from the reality of what JFNA has become...what they have allowed JFNA to become; what they continue to allow JFNA to be.

So, all I can think is that they are just "too damn busy" to take note let alone to act. And yet...and yet...

The vast majority of federations (some of the Large Cities excluded) continue to look to JFNA for leadership and support in so many areas...and JFNA just is not there. For example: after speaking to expanding community consulting in 2016-2017, JFNA made a drastic reverse delegating that comprehensive consulting to an embryonic, part-time consultant-staffed FRD consulting and nothing more: or look how JFNA now provides only lip service to the critical task of professional development, training and recruitment.

For $30+ million in annual Dues, with an Annual Budget of $52+ million, the Federations are getting such a minimal return on investment that in its Budget 2017-2018, JFNA hardly cites any. This is now an organization that not only can't hit water from a boat, it can't even find the boat...or the water. And the finger of responsibility for the wreck that JFNA is points to the CEO, to the tiny cabal of lay leaders who see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and to federation lay and professional leaders likewise. For it's JFNA and federation leaders who have kept Jerry Silverman at the wheel unfettered by things like, um, accountability as Jerry continues to steer the ship directly into the abyss while the cabal applauds his fine misdirection.

Friends, we are what we repeatedly do and at JFNA what our leaders have done over and over is to ignore the reality of where JFNA is and who has led it there. Winston Churchill once said of the United States: "...bear with us, once we have exhausted all possible alternatives, we will do the right thing." Well, applied to JFNA's leadership, Churchill was wrong, very, very wrong -- to them, to us, we don't even bother to examine alternatives at all. Everything's just great.


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