Monday, March 6, 2017


1. Richard Sandler and Jerry Silverman published their thoughts on hate speech and civility (again), the need to both respond and be vigilant (again). Of course, this has become a theme -- tell us what to do but do nothing themselves -- as when JFNA's leaders issue their sermonette and in doing nothing more make it clear that they got it out of their system. Once again, JFNA tells us what to do while it does nothing. Then, the Board Chair goes totally off the reservation. Gevalt.

2. Speaking of doing nothing, have you heard or read a Statement from JFNA condemning the threats numbering close to 100 JCC's nationwide? Not even an expression outrage about the desecration of a Chicago synagogue or a St. Louis Cemetery? Too controversial? Not part of our Mission? And, what exactly is that Mission? Can anyone tell? #pitiful

3. When UJA's leaders determined to opt in to the merger that created JFNA, they did so with the admonition of Corky Goodman resonating with them. Corky had told us: "We have to trust the federations." We did so. Now in its 17th year, we heard a plea from the Campaign Chair for federations to "trust" JFNA with campaign data. Curious isn't it that the federations, which own the entity, don't trust it with information basic to that organization's functioning; you wonder why? Couple that with JFNA's leadership refusal to trust these federation owners with basic information about how JFNA conducts its business and you have a formula for exactly the dysfunction that JFNA evidences every single day.

4. For an organization that should be encouraging inclusion in all that it does, and probably thinks it is doing so, there is ample evidence (again) that it doesn't know what it's doing. Take, for example, the roster of the JFNA Board Committees: setting aside our Board Chair, who serves as Chair of three Committees, in addition to chairing the Board itself; there are multiple Trustees who serve two Committees; one who serves on three; and one who sits on four. And there are only five Board Committees. This insularity, this inbreeding, not only demonstrates leadership's trust in only the few, the special; it excludes from participation many who would be both willing and more than able -- or at least equally able to those who are repetitively appointed and reappointed and reappointed again to positions others could (and would ) fill. An Illinois State Representative commented on the mess that is Illinois' legislative body: "The state is not really a representative democracy anymore. You have too few people making too many big decisions.” Could have been speaking about our JFNA.

5. The Young Leadership Cabinet took 110 members on its Study India. That's a great India. They could have gone to Israel but, instead they India. They went to study by India. Our dear friend and mentor, Rabbi Herb Friedman, z'l, is crying once again.

And that's it for now from Lake Woebegone.



Anonymous said...

Did you see the photo of Jerry meeting with the Director of FBI and others?

Anonymous said...

They can't go see JDC's work in another country? C'mon man ...

RWEX said...

I did see JFNA Jerry Silverman's latest photo op. JFNA happens to do its best work in DC and could have had its D.C. Office head at the meeting with Cpmey; or David Butler, the Chair of its Washington efforts, or Michael Gelman or Dede Feinberg, two of its past Executive Chairs, or...on and on...but, no, that would have meant that Silverman would miss being "in the room where (nothing) happened" -- just where he needed to be. Jerry is the personification of JFNA waste.

Anonymous said...

Richard, I would bet you're not surprised that JFNA's captive waste of time, FedWorld, has not published ANY of the statements in support of the historic value of refugees to the Jewish communal experience -- not Chicago's not Rochester's, none of them. The same rag publishes links to narishkite but nothing at all on this highly relevant matter.