Thursday, February 23, 2017


In sharp contrast to the ostrich-like approach to...well, everything actually...JFNA's leaders have been put to shame by the young men and women of BBYO. ejewishphilanthropy wrote about these leaders in Clearly there is much, so much, to be learned from them.

First, let's note that the discussion arose out of a plenary session of BBYO's International Convention that brought together between 4,000 and 5,000 leaders Dallas over Presidents Day weekend. For JFNA, whose leaders somehow still believe a GA that brings out less than 700 lay leaders annually remains viable, that in itself should be something to ponder. (Note to Richard Sandler who thinks that  GAs have been gaining strength these last few years: ponder, please.)

So, the young leaders of BBYO can engage in healthy "civil" debate on an historic value proposition -- a discussion held among 4,000+ -- and JFNA's leaders are so distrustful of...well, themselves...that they won't even tolerate such a discourse among 70 Board members at a Trustees meeting? Who decides these things? Nobody? They just happen? 

Let's understand one thing -- JFNA's Board meetings are rote -- so desultory as to be soporific. A little excitement might prove to be energizing. Why not try it? 




Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy alert! Sandler endorses Friedman nomination while claiming JFNA is apolitical.

Anonymous said...

This is both hypocritical as well as totally inconsistent with Sandler's responsibilities as Board Chair of our National Organization. I am certain your federations and mine have rules, formal or informal, that preclude taking pubic positions in political matters citing one's position. I can think of no other leader who has done so. He owes all of us an apology and an acknowledgement that this was an error in judgment. Of course, with the CEO he's got, there is not a chance that he would have received proper advice. Huge mistake compounding other huge mistakes.