Friday, December 23, 2016


In an Op-Ed in JTA, Aleppo Needs Action, Not Words,, Chicago's
Steven Nasatir, used those very words to review the historic tragedy that
has been and is Aleppo 
and our sacred responsibility to act, to assist. 
It was great that Steve spoke eloquently of Chicago's 
interaction with the Syrian community and the 
Fund created to assist the victims of the horrific
violence in Syria.

I know from speaking with friends around the Continent
that Chicago is not alone. Kal ha'kavod to 
every community that has engaged,

Of course we could have 155 federations acting alone 
but we do have, or we think we have, we pay to have,  
Continentalan umbrella that should be speaking for all of us. 
Instead, Steve Nasatir has.


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RWEX said...

My apologies to those who want to sue from this Post ito a series of attacks on our country's foreign policy, or lack thereof, vis-a-vis Syria. That will not happen on these pages.