Sunday, June 12, 2016


Who would have thought...

  1. That the first Jewish candidate for President would be the only candidate to attack Israel for what he characterized as its "disproportionate response" to the rocket attacks from Gaza in 2014 and premised that canard on the total fabrication of 40,000 deaths "caused" by Israel. He later reduced that number to 1,500 but the damage had been done.
  2. The presumptive so-called "Republican" candidate for President who could appear before a Jewish audience and talk about "you Jews," and, later, "you people." And, yet, there are among us, no doubt, many, many whose hatred of anything Democratic, anything Hillary, who will support this P.T. Barnum for President of the United States.
  3. A good friend who believes that all Democrats are evil, has convinced himself that Trump offers a "strong foreign policy." His hatred of Hillary trumps (pardon me)  reason.
  4. That Jumping Jerry Silverman would write a paean to our Memorial Day (including a history lesson)  suggesting that few, if any, of us have heard of the National Moment of Remembrance on Israel's own Memorial Day  (nb, Jerry, it's Yom HaZikaron). Maybe Jerry just experienced this moment for the first time and was unaware of it himself because I would wager that almost all of us have not only heard of this somber day of recommitment but have actually experienced it. 
  5. That the Smilin' One didn't write in celebration of Yom Ha'Atzmaut let alone call upon those of our communities which have abandoned federation support of public celebrations of Israel's birthday rededicate themselves to the centrality of Israel in our lives by renewing their sponsorship. Instead, Silverman used his message on Israel's birthday to express his own misgivings about Israel among other things. 
  6. Some of you suggested that JFNA has an ownership interest in J-Pro, the organization that sponsored a successful annual conference a few weeks ago in Columbus Ohio. No, in fact, all JFNA does is provide office space at 25 Broadway to that organization, whose budget is so small that it needs significant additional financial support. But, you know JFNA -- "can't spare a square."
And so it goes in Lake Woebegone.



paul jeser said...

"A good friend who believes that all Democrats are evil, has convinced himself that Trump offers a "strong foreign policy." His hatred of Hillary trumps (pardon me) reason."

I do not know if I fit into this description :-), but just in case I'd like to respond.

All Democrats are not evil. For instance, former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is not only not evil, but he is outstanding and would be a great President - and, there are many many more. The problem is, most Democrats who are 'good', just like most Muslims who are 'good', are allowing the 'bad' ones to run their party.

And, yes, I hate HRC. I hate anyone who supported the Iran deal which could lead to the destruction of Israel as I would hate anyone whose actions could cause the death of members of my family.

Trump was/is not my first choice, not by a long shot. Jim Webb was, but the Democrats were too foolish to see a great leader who would have been a great President. And, yes, Trump's Foreign Policy would be much better for Israel, America, and the world than will be Hillary and the Democrats' (all you have to do to understand this is to watch what is going on with the development of the DNC's platform and HRC's lack of comment).

There is sort of a sad comparison between what is going on with the JFNA and with our country. Lack of good leadership, much complaining, and no action.

Anonymous said...

Paul Jeser is so blinded by hate he sees nothing else. Do you hate all the Israeli generals and security experts who supported the deal, Paul? Are all those American Jews just traitors in your eyes?

Anonymous said...

You kind of opened the door for Paul's clown show, Richard.

RWEX said...

Yes...and that door will be closing soon....

Anonymous said...

Whew! Just when I thought I knew how to identify israel's enemies, Paul Jesser has widened my horizons. The chief of staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, supports the Iran agreement and says it was good for Israel.

Just when I thought that Israel's current top general was a friend of Israel, Paul sets me straight. Gadi is an enemy of the Jewish people, per Paul.

Paul served in the US Army. General Eisenkot didn't. Now I get it.

Paul, what are we going to do, now that the Israeli army has been taken over by her enemies?

Speaking of traitors, Paul, didn't you worK for AIPAC? Candidate Trump has called for Israel to return all of the defense dollar grants it has received in the past.

But, I am sure he didn't mean it.

RWEX said...

OK, the points have been well made, let's move on.

Anonymous said...

J-Pro's annual conference was a success? Says who?