Tuesday, February 9, 2016


1. Out of the blue, FEDWorld announced, after months of silence, one month ago:
"HUMANITARIAN CRISIS IN UKRAINE “likely to remain dire” in 2016, says 2016 forecast from Federation partner NCSEJ. Federations’ Ukraine Assistance Fund continues to be a lifeline for thousands of displaced and impoverished Jews affected by ongoing conflict."
It's as if the NCSEJ jogged the institution's memory -- but not that from the on-set of the crisis for the Jews of the Ukraine, JFNA lifted its finger to open a Mailbox (vu den), and created an allocations effort for the funds it didn't raise, thereby underfunding the needs by tens of millions.

2. Like all of you, I received an e-vite to join a JFNA "delegation" to the United Nations on March 31. There was no explanation of what we would be doing there, but having taken a tour once with my family, it's a nice building. Oh, I suppose there will be some training -- e.g., what to say when one meets the United Nations Ambassador from the Democratic Republic of Korea or Cameroon or Namibia in addition to the Ambassadors from Israel and France. If JFNA-Israel were aware of the existence of the NCESJ no doubt meetings could be arranged with Ambassadors from Russia or the Ukraine (see 1. above) or another of the Republics of the Former Soviet Union. Inasmuch as there will be no lobbying for any objective of JFNA (as there seem to be none), expectations for this Mission will be...none. Great photo-ops though. Just like those White House visits. 

3. Speaking of distractions. A question: If it weren't for those alleged "distractions" just what would JFNA be doing?

4. Just when I was getting down, one of my favorite professionals sent me Natan Sharansky's daughter, Rachel Sharansky Danziger's inspiring message on the 30th Anniversary of Natan's arrival in freedom. This is how she closed her piece:
"Your spirit and strength in those years freed a man, and brought an empire to its knees. When I feel tired, when I fear for the future, when we squabble and fight within ourselves, I go back to your echos inside me, and find hope."
 Inspire yourselves and read the entire Post at: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/30-years-after-glienicke-bridge/

Thank you, Rachel.



Anonymous said...

The UN is the most hostile place towards Israel on the entire planet. Who is the rock scientist that conceived of this? Perhaps it is the best venue to cultivate and steward major donors?

Anonymous said...

Delegations to Congress, excellent; delegations to the U.N., a waste of lay leaders valuable time. Is this just another effort for JFNA to pretend it is important? If so, this is no way to do it. But it is JFNA after all.