Saturday, October 10, 2015


I am certain that you know that no one at 25 Broadway reads this Blog. And, if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. They would like not to read it but this thing is like watching a car crash as it happens -- you can't take your eyes off of it, try as you do. I'm sorry; I know this is irresistible even to its most severe critics.

How do I know that this readership exists? Easy. So many at 25 Broadway, right up to and including the inimitable CEO Jerry i-Have-Been-Watching-You send "Anonymous Comments" and there is that "can you believe what that a-hole rote today?" tone.  After all I know from many of you that you are on a Jerry's "enemies list" because out of his paranoia you have been identified as one of my "informants." Sad and so, so wrong. The list includes anyone who might be a friend or identified as a friend of mine. And, of course, I am aware that in at least two instances, probably more, Silverman has investigated in secret the e-mails of present and former professionals at 25 Broadway to see if they have informing me. Jerry and his minions have found nothing because  there is nothing to be found -- but, oh, how disappointed "Big Brother" was to have found no connection between a "suspect" professional and me. It's pretty ugly -- Jerry and his ilk have literally blackballed lay leaders and professionals around the country, at least in part, because of unproved (and unprovable) suspicion that someone/anyone/everyone is my "source" for something that I have written. Yes, friends, paranoia runs deep amidst incompetence. Know that no matter how bad JFNA is on its many failed surfaces, it is so much worse beneath those same surfaces.

Just to feed the paranoia let me say this: Jerry, my informants are 25 Broadway where so many professionals are embarrassed to be associated with continuing failure and hair-brained schemes; at federations across the continent where so many lay and professional leaders, quite frankly, can't take the incompetence and waste anymore; on the JFNA Board and the now dead GPT Committees, where lay and professional leaders would no longer sit by and merely accept the "we'll get back to you" and outright misrepresentations when they ask legitimate questions. Yes, they are everywhere. And...each and every one of them knows that what they tell me is held in absolute confidence...and will be...forever.

Some of you have asked me off-line "why do you 'hate' (take your pick) Jerry, Kathy, Howard, Becky, Michael...?" And, of course, while the question is fine, the premise is wrong. I don't "hate" any of these leaders -- I have the greatest respect and admiration for the men and women who take on the responsibilities of leadership, whoever they are. But I do "hate" what some of these women and men have done and failed to do in their deconstruction of a sacred responsibility with negligence and intent, often willfully; and how they respond to criticism -- with vengeance, ostracization and pettiness.

So, Jerry, et al., you can continue to bad mouth those you mistakenly believe are my "informants," but do so knowing that you will not silence those who are critics and reporters of constant failure, no matter how hard you try to silence them. 



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