Monday, February 16, 2015


When I wrote the Posts "JAFI CIRCLES THE DRAIN PARTS 1 and 2," not only did a new person, unknown to me, possibly not even real, one "Jacob Levy" enter our lives, but so did another -- more about him later. Under the name "Levy," this person appeared to forward my Posts to the JAFI Board mailing list as I so noted in an Addendum to "Part 1." Please note as you read the following that when I learned of "Jacob Levy's" distributions I stated quite clearly in the Blog itself that I did not know who "Jacob Levy is."

Subsequent to my publication of Levy's own reconstruction of the facts and circumstances confronting JAFI, I then became the new "pen pal" of Rich Bernstein, UIA's Chair. Our correspondence follows:

Bernstein's first missive:


Cut the crap.

No one knows who “Jacob Levy” of “The Worldwide Friends of JAFI
48/5 King George Street, City Of WestminsterWsm W10 4” is. Why could that be?


Jacob: please tell me who you are within the next 24 hours or I will assume you are Richard W.

And tell everyone, everywhere, the true unless you fess up now. 

I am not kidding.

So I responded:

Now that I have read your e-mails more carefully, I have to ask: did you really write: “And tell everyone, everywhere, the true unless you fess up now. I am not kidding”?

I know, I know, my font choice failed in comparison to Rich's. But, heck, I know Rich to be a lawyer, and expected better use of the English language.

Not satisfied, Rich chose to go down the "when did you start beating your wife" track:
"Yes. I did."
Followed by:
"Richard, that is not a denial."
So I responded: "“Cut the crap” seems the appropriate response. Reach out to Jacob Levy yourself."

But Bernstein was unabashed:

You still have not denied my accusation.

I am waiting.

And I responded:
"See if you understand this, Rich. As I have written in my Blog — I have no idea who Jacob Levy is or whether, even, a “Jacob Levy” exists. For all I know you may be “Jacob Levy.”"

This seemed to anger Mr. Bernstein:
 "I did.

       I will await his reply.



      (And, for the record, no denial. Richard: bad move.)"

Followed by:

So is that a denial that you are *not* Jacob Levy?

Yes or no?

Simple question."

So I told Rich Bernstein, lawyer, Chair of UIA, that this dialogue was too good not to be published on these pages. After uttering a "J'Accuse" (really, J'Accuse!!), he continued with the following, copying everyone from Michael Siegal to, no doubt, G-d almighty:
Cool beans.

And, for what it is  worth, you have yet to say the simple words : “yes” or “no” to the question whether you are, or aren’t,  “Jacob Levy”.

Real simple. Just  reply to all.

But please:

Right now I am in the ring trying to fight the fight along with many, many other good people.

You are not.

You are being neither helpful nor constructive. I, for one, am tired of your self-absorbed dribble.

Things are not simple or easy in the Jewish world.

I suspect they never were.

(Think back to when you were in the leadership chair, if you can.)

Take a breath.

Or go see a doctor.


Believe or not – with love……..


(p.s. if you threaten me that you are going to print this is your blog, that’s is fine. But, please, do it in full as there are a lot of people cc’ed on this.)" *
So, Rich, pleased to oblige -- I have printed the entire correspondence -- whereas you did not. 

And, days ago, I addended the Part 1 Post as follows:
"Apparently, many of you who do not read this Blog regularly and others who do received a copy of this Post by email from a "Jacob Levy." Quite a few have asked me "who is this person?" The answer is simply "I do not know who Jacob Levy is." I must admit, however, that I appreciate the efforts of one and all who increase the circulation of this Blog."
As I always do, I signed this. Having claimed to have read it, Rich Bernstein chose to ignore it , inasmuch as that would not have fit within his narrative, his inflamed rhetoric, or his so evident aspirations. BTW, before his final diatribe -- the Rich Bernstein version of Emile Zola's J'Accuse, Rich accused me, of being a "cyber-bully."

"Cool beans."


* Rich Bernstein copied 21 leaders with his J'Accuse diatribe.


Anonymous said...

Who is Rich Bernstein and what office is he running for? Whichever one he's after hopefully the leadership will see right through this obvious effort to step up on his part by attempting to step on you.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. This guy starts this whole thing by accusing you of being this "Jacob," after you had already denied this in the very Blog this guy seems to read so diligently, then he "demands" that you deny being this "Jacob" to him personally or else he is going to what? Call you a "cyberbully?" And, you wrote that this guy, Mr. J'Accuse, is a lawyer. Come on, you have to be kidding, or as this guy ought to write himself: "Cut the crap."

Anonymous said...

I think I understand this ridiculous attack -- even if you can be a bully at times. This Bernstein has probably never led a Campaign or a federation, so he sees a path to higher office by publicly attacking you just as others do so in the shadows. It doesn't make any difference if he can't spell or write, "nigh nigh??" as long as he goes after you in the ugliest of ways. You made it clear that you aren't this "Jacob" person over your signature and this guy "demands" a further "denial" to him personally? There is the definition of "bully" in action.

Anonymous said...

"Cool beans"? "A slang term that actually began it's use in the late 60's/early 70's. Popularized by the pop culture of the time. Used to describe something very favorable or pleasing. Great. Very nice."" Who uses terms like this any more? Who wrote this "Rich's piece" -- Jacob Levy or Cheech and Chong?

By the way, this could be a very clever ruse rather than just a stupid attempt at a "lawyer trick" -- maybe it's Bernstein who is "Jacob Levy" and someone has pointed the finger at him and this is his ruse. Did you ever think of that?

Anonymous said...

This "Rich" asks you a loaded question, Richard, based upon a presupposition that, inasmuch as he claimed to have read the Posts he finds so objectionable, he knows to be untrue, then he rages at you for refusing to "deny" what he knows to be false and he calls you a "bully?" We have a word we use for him in New York City -- it's "putz."

Anonymous said...

Good job Richard and Richard! If my first name was Jerry, Kathy, Michael or Steve or multiples thereof I would be LMAO. Who benefits my friends?

Anonymous said...

I think this is all a game. Wexler and Bernstein are working together as Jacob Levy. Bernstein is afraid it will hurt his clear ambitions so they launch this phony fight to cover their tracks. What a hoot.

RWEX said...

Yep. You found us out. We're taking the act on the road -- next Solidarity Mission.

Anonymous said...

Richard Bernstein is a "solid citizen" who cares deeply about our overseas partners and needs. I just find it humorous that he would accuse you of being "Jacob Levy" when your blog is readily available and accessible every day for people to read. Why would you need to do anything more?

Anonymous said...

The Richards we speak about are both "solid citizens" who care deeply about truly Global Jewish Life.

Wexler through and including his labor of love ie this Blog.

And now Bernstein through his pseudonym Jacob Levy emails.

My hat is off to both of them.

Anonymous said...