Saturday, December 20, 2014


The second highest giving level JFNA Mission now doesn't even contemplate any connection to the State of Israel. (Israel is so "last year" I guess.) It's almost, heck it absolutely is, an embarrassment. Here is how the 2015 King David Society Mission is being promoted:

"Steeped in history and rapidly emerging as a world power, today's China is a fascinating mix of the modern and the ancient, the dazzling and the quaint. Join us as we experience its unique culture, food and art. Together we’ll tour imperial palaces, climb the Great Wall and explore winding backstreets. We'll encounter the incredible Shanghai Jewish community—founded by Baghdadi Jews in the 1800s, a refuge for thousands fleeing the Holocaust and the Russian Revolution, and though small, still going strong today."

Land only? $6970. With a Hong Kong extension -- another $2,500. Cheapest Economy fare from Chicago -- $940; Business Class -- $5,700. Knowing JFNA -- no fund raising.

A shanda. Anyone...that's anyone...can visit the practically judenrein China for a fine vacation -- is this an appropriate venue at a time that Israel is more and more isolated? Is this an appropriate venue, with its Jewish "community" of 1500, mainly ex-pats, when Israel is not as isolated as today? Of course not; of course not. 

Is it right and proper for our national organization to act as if "Israel is played out" as a Mission venue? Is it any more right than the altogether minor role that Israel played in the recently completed GA? These are nothing more than rhetorical questions, of course. And this Mission is but further evidence that JFNA's leaders just don't get it. For the past 9 years, never have, and, apparently, never will.

No doubt CEO Jerry will be joining the "Mission," dance the NaeNae -- he may be alone.



Anonymous said...

Where is the criticism of JUF who is the lead federation for this trip?

Anonymous said...

Yep, all that is wrong at JFNA can be laid at the feet of JUF. C'mon. get real.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous #2 - you get real. Guess you must be one of those JUF boys who think Chicago can do no wrong. They play follow the leader, but say they are only following "orders." Hmmmm.

There's plenty of culpability on S. Wells for all that is wrong at 25 Broadway.

RWEX said...

I am one of those who believes that every federation could do better -- in particular in demanding reform and reconstruction at JFNA -- but, outside of the communal leadership failure to insist on that reform and reconstruction, I can think of few areas, if any, where my community, Chicago, leaders have shown anything other than total dedication to the very fabric of federation and the federation system.

I would guess that even today's critic(s) of the JUF would agree.

Anonymous said...

My criticism of JUF stems 100% from their culpability in the destruction of a national organization (and their leadership's denial of same).

signed, anonymous #1 and #3

Anonymous said...

You titled this "WAKE UP"? Don't you know you can't wake up the dead?