Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Yes, it has happened. The Vice President of the United States will speak at the General Assembly. This is not so surprising inasmuch as V.P. Biden is known to stop his entourage and give a speech at a parked taco truck -- but G-d love him, he will speak at the GA. That's how important we are.


Anonymous said...

there will be tacos?? No one told me.....can you give me the registration link? I'm in.

RWEX said...

To Anon:


paul jeser said...

A comment on the JTA website about this: Stephen Steinlight · Top commenter · Columbia University

It's not bad enough that the Jewish Establishment honors an intellectual midget, but it also gives center state to a key member of Obama's Israel-hating Administration. How about boycotting the Administration instead of groveling before it? But, of course, groveling is what the Jewish Establishment does best. Does it even begin to imagine what Obama, Biden, Kerry, Holder, and Rice say about Jews behind their backs? Is there no self-abasement so low the
Jewish Establishment won't embrace?


Anonymous said...

I think we are all jumping the shark today.

Anonymous said...

If we could survive Bush's threat to withdraw the loan guarantees and Baker's phone number announcement (and invite them to our forums), everything else is a piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

This is a WSJ editorial on the Obama Administration's "Chickenshitgate." An all time low:
This public show of condescension makes no sense for an Administration facing multiple Mideast crises and struggling to keep the friends it has.
It makes even less sense if Mr. Obama strikes a nuclear deal with Iran next month. The White House has leaked that it intends to bypass Congress to conclude a deal, but it cannot unilaterally overturn sanctions passed by Congress. Broadcasting its dislike for the Jewish state won’t instill confidence in Congress and the public that such a deal won’t mortally threaten Israel.

The broader problem for the Administration is that its perceptions of the Middle East increasingly differ from Israel’s, not to mention those of a growing list of disillusioned allies in Europe, Asia and the Arab world. Mr. Obama likes to say that he prefers to listen rather than lecture, so the disarray in the region should be an occasion to rethink some of his assumptions, such as his faith that force-feeding an Israeli-Palestinian peace would solve other regional problems.

But that’s not how this President rolls. Israel will draw its own conclusions about what it needs to do to survive in a tough neighborhood. The Administration’s main accomplishment is to have needlessly unsettled another alliance in another fit of pique.

Wouldn't it be interesting if people didn't show up for the Plenary with Biden? I know that I will find something else more worthwhile to do at that time.

Anonymous said...

Hyper partisanship is a curse in America and a plague in Israel. Max Fischer taught us that the Federation movement is above such pettiness. The VP needs to be accorded all the respect his high office deserves