Tuesday, September 23, 2014

THE 990

Online and off-line, anonymous commentators have convinced me that the 2014 IRS Form 990 is not yet due and that the 2013 990, accessible on the JFNA website is all that is required as of this time. A 1,000 apologies for stating otherwise. 

So, while I strongly urge you to go to the "About Us" link on the JFNA website and read the 2013 990 in its entirety, as it is one of the most hysterical documents yet produced at 25 Broadway, I will offer you the following summary of the Lowlights in this Post -- 990 For and By Dummies:

  • Did you know that JFNA had income in "Contributions and Grants" of $33.6 million?
  • Did you know that JFNA had total Revenue of $49 million?
  • Did you know that of that gross (and I do mean "gross") amount, JFNA managed a deficit of $172,500?
  • Did you know that JFNA expended $20.8 million on "Fundraising Expertise, consulting and support for Jewish Federations and smaller Network communities" -- meaning that JFNA has developed its own definition of "fundraising" not yet shared with anyone?
  • Did you know that JFNA spent $5 million on the "Power of the Collective"? (Yes, I agree with you if you think that JFNA engaged in some powerful fiction in the 990 document.)
  • Did you know that JFNA spent $2.7 million on something called "Talent" with the Mandel Center for Leadership Excellence"?
  • Did you know that JFNA spent $9.3 million on "Other"?
  • Did you know that CEO Jerry Lucky-Me made $677,000 in FY 2013-2014? Of course you did.
  • Did you know that "Director General" Becky Caspi made $293,000 in FY 2013-2014, or more than the compensation paid either Natan Sharansky or Alan Hoffmann? (As Babe Ruth responded when asked whether he should make more than the President of the United States: "Of course. I had a better year.") The services she "led": "meet critical needs in Israel and around the world. Along with Missions to Israel which are organized throughout the year.")
  • Did you know that Paul Kane "earned" $406,000 in that same Fiscal Year as Senior Advisor -- and what valued advice it must have been.
  • Did you know that CEO Jerry's first name is apparently spelled "Gerrald" -- well you should.
  • Did you know that the mystery person, Deborah Smith, of Naples, Florida, was paid $347,085 -- as something titled "Management and Training Consultant"? Of course you did. 
Look, this 990 deserves a full reading -- like any work of fiction.



RWEX said...

To Anonymous who wrote early today:

My apologies for having to "Delete" your Comment. Even though I, too, could speculate about the two most Senior JFNA professionals about whom you wrote, I can't print the accusations. I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the "leaders" of JFNA are delaying the filing of the 2013-2014 990 as long as possible. If the summary you have provided is horrible, and it is, how much worse must the 2013-2014 990 be. If the leaders of JFNA have any integrity left, they will fire the mess at the top of management today.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand how JFNA could have paid Silverman close to this annual amount to "convince" him to take this job that he has failed so miserably. Were they afraid that the sneakers company that employed him as a Sales Manager would "outbid" us? The JFNA leaders, then and now, should be required to pay this guy out of their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

Richard, The fact that there are three most senior people on the payroll have not provided any professional leadership to or of the federations is bad enough; the fact that none of them know a damn thing about the federations they are supposed to be leading is all the proof a competent lay leader would need to clean house. Of course that presumes a competency that neither Siegal nor Feinberg has yet demonstrated -- maybe we need to get rid of them first.

Anonymous said...

I just visited your blog after a long absence and lo and behold, I find Paul Kane still milking us as a consultant. Well no worries I give directly to JDC, The Jewish Agency and for local community needs. I now am even more grateful I have been doing so. I thought we were rid of him ages ago. What could this man offer that would be worth that kind of money? He must know where the dead bodies are buried. Hopefully he will take some of that and clean his great yellow teeth. Ugh!