Friday, August 15, 2014


The Terrorists' War on Israel has generated incredible communal response. Yet, while federation after federation has seen an outpouring of donor generosity, the Continental system has barely been able to rouse itself to any action other than, as one Commentator pointed out:
"...they coin phrases like "Stop the Sirens" and they create "clubs" as in "The Circle of the 15 Second Club" and they provide "Updates" of what others are doing -- that's what passes for doing something when your organization is bankrupt."
I recall that at UJA way back when leaders actually led or participated in the fund raising at the heart of avery Emergency Campaign, we had a "Bible" for just such an exigency, a playbook if you will of tried and true, best practices. I know that it is right there at 25 Broadway --  the chachams are either unwilling or unable to implement it. But, at JFNA, under what passes for "leadership" today, the institutional arrogance dictates that we start everything from scratch. I wish I could believe that that has meant that JFNA can "do it better" but all of the evidence proves that they couldn't do it any worse than they are. And this sickens me to my core. 

Nothing is more painful to watch than JFNA literally use the daily attacks on Israel as a vehicle of self-promotion ("Jerry's on CNN!!" Yippee.) Nothing is more mysterious than the plain fact that the JFNA National Campaign Chair is nowhere to be found at a time that cries out for her to be the rallying point -- but she has been silenced. (Of course, for that matter, except in some periodic e-mails, so has the Board Chair and, of course, the Chair of the Executive is also AWOL -- but they have each led the 5-10 person Solidarity Missions!!)

Oh, they have run some good Solidarity Missions (number 5 or 6 or 7 coming right up) sans fund-raising. And, rather than then deploying the participants to fund raising events around the Continent, JFNA has done nothing. But it has convened Teleconferences, let's not forget. A time for Regional Rallies to expose those from communities around the Continent to the "facts on the ground?" -- JFNA does nothing. 

In fact, "JFNA Does Nothing" could be a continuing theme in all things.



Anonymous said...

Yes it is a shame that the UJA/CJF Leadership at then UJC, with the institutional memory and skills to initiate and carry out a national emergency campaign, as they did in 2001 and 2006, are all gone.
But JFNA has invested a lot of time and resources in Paul Kane, the professional who Jerry Silverman brought in to move JFNA FRD (or whatever it is called today) forward.
I believe that he is still on the payroll, and with his vast experience at NYFED and relationships with the federations, surely he can rally the troops.
Someone needs to step up.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous aleph: well played! You are hereby nominated for the Yonaton Swift Award for excellence in Jewish satire. LMTO

RWEX said...

LoL to you both