Tuesday, July 1, 2014


As is so often the case, it is an Anonymous Commentator who has raised a serious question about the funding of the Signature Initiatives. Read on...

"Richard, Back on January 6, David Butler, the mouthpiece for the Global Planning Table (or, perhaps, the ventriloquist's dummy) announced in a Memo to federations: 'As noted in the GPT founding document (from December 2011) prior to official launch, Signature Initiatives require a minimum of 10 Federations to invest a total of a minimum of $500,000 per year for 3 years.'

Now, the GPT and JFNA merely ignore their own requirements. I don't know about you, but I call this fraud."

The cited David Butler, Esq., certainly is aware of what the law terms "fraud in the inducement." He, and that other lawyer, his boss, Kathy Manning, Esq., chose to ignore the critical financial threshold demanded by the GPT's own "founding document"  -- "prior to official launch, Signature Initiatives require a minimum of 10 federations to invest a total of a minimum of $500,000 per year for 3 years."

Once again, my friends, the JFNA Board Chair has been duped by his own senior professionals  who surely knew that the GPT Signature Initiatives" could not be launched without the minimum commitments of $1.5 million from 10 federations  for three years -- or $15,000,000 per "Initiative." JFNA does not have those commitments in hand, not close -- not the minimum for even one year from 10 federations. But someone or someones told the Board Chair that these Initiatives could even must proceed. 

If you, my fateful readers, believe that JFNA will raise $30,000,000 -- $15 million per Initiative -- in "new money," please raise your hands. Yeah, it's a joke, an illusion, another shell game.

How do these things happen again and again? George Will, in his new opus on his favorite, the pathetic Chicago Cubs, in describing one period in that team's sorry history, termed it "the nadir of baseball foolishness." We can describe the administration of JFNA over the past 8 years as "the nadir of organizational ineptitude." 

And we just let them get away with it, time and again.



Anonymous said...

Can't you even stop this barrage of hate-speak for one day in memory of the three teenagers brutally torn from their lives? Isn't this a time to come together as a people? Seriously, you lose any credibility when you post something like this on a day like this. You know better.

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