Sunday, February 23, 2014


1. If I were one of those asked to interview for the CEO position in a "Vibrant Jewish Community," I would ask the Search Firm rep if he/she knows what the ratio is between that vibrant place's operating budget and annual campaign results. Then I would ask if he/she would like to modify that community's description to "in a deep hole?"

2. Speaking of "in a deep hole," I expect that the next "invitation" to attend the Festivus will read something like this: "Join us for the most important event on the Jewish calendar. If you Register today, it's free. Plus, we'll pay for your hotel room. So bring a friend. And, the drinks are on us, too.

3. In February 152 American Jews, of various levels of prominence, signed a petition circulated by a minor Jewish organization, urging support of the Secretary of States peace demands. The brilliant Rabbi Daniel Gordis has written a typically thoughtful response at  Knowing many of the signatories, I doubt that some of them even know what Kerry is/was proposing let alone "get" Gordis' admonition (too subtle). One thing is certain, the more thoughtful of those who signed that thing know better. As Gordis asks in his op-ed Give Peace a Chance?: "Have you read a single book by a committed Palestinian who says that just as the Palestinians have a right to a state, so too do the Jews, and it's time for Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state? Neither have I."  



Anonymous said...

There is a real debate going on in the Jewish world, both in Israel and the diaspora, and, for better or worse, few of us are bystanders as your comments give testimony. Like you, I know most of the signatures to the letter, and like you have worked closely with many. They are serious and thoughtful Jewish activists who do not put their name to public statements friviously and without considerable contemplation. They stand with our people in good times and bad and have the courage to combine unconditional love with honest concerns and advice. That is how families behave. You thought Gordis's piece was profound, I thought it was a real diversion from the important issues raised by the letter. You and Gordis believe that Israel can and should wait for a better negotiating partner, I and many others throughout the Jewish world believe it is two minutes to midnight and the Kerry initiative offers an imperfect hope for s necessary separation and re-partition. That is what true and respectful debates are made of.

RWEX said...

Well stated...and you are?

Dan Brown said...

Amazing how many thoughtful, intelligent commenters feel the need to stand behind an anonymous comment.

#1 - who are you afraid of - your board? your big donors? Or is secrecy so inbred in your organization it is all you know?

a cowardly lion said...

Anonymity sometimes has its reasons and as a journalist Dan you surely understand the virtue of an anonymous source. However, as one who, on this truth telling whistle blowing blog, chooses the cloak of anonymity, I follow two rules: criticize wrongheaded ideas more than the people who come up with them; and never say anything anonymously that, were you to be outed, would bring upon you shame rather than the usual garden variety political fallout.