Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Leadership Briefing

Our set of prized reduced Registration fees for those of you who really understand how to use social media was such a hit (and we at JFNA apologize profusely that our own William Daroff won in three of the social media categories) that we are offering a new contest, open to all -- except William Daroff -- to join us at TribeFest 3, the bestus Festivus yet.

And, what a contest it is!!! Here's all you have to do. Type your name and address on a blank sheet of paper and tweet it to us at #youcanfoolallthepeople not later than January 7, 2014. The first 1,000 twits will get a free Registration to the Fest. (According to the same people who were our official counters at the recent General Assembly, this will raise our Fest Registration to 3,000.) 

Whoooeee, are we gonna have fun at this one -- a drunken Purim binge on Bourbon Street will be what we like to call our "Signature Initiative." Dress will be Holiday appropriate. This will really be the bestus Festus yet

Join us, network with your fellow JFNA Young Leadership Cabinet members, hear JFNA CEO Jerry Silverman explain "what the TribeFest has meant to you," and enjoy everything New Orleans has to offer.


The push for this thing is really, really on -- recruitment cocktail parties in various federations, the Program is filling in, and here are some personal favorites:

  • Right now, the two headline celebrities are terrific: Josh Molina, who I grew to love in the ancient TV series, SportsNight, and, then, later, in another Aaron Sorkin vehicle, The West Wing. Josh is 47. And, Ben Platt, whom we all loved in Pitch Perfect and we Chicagoans enjoyed so much in the National Tour of Book of Mormon. Ben is bound for stardom; he is 20. (JFNA never learns.) So the two "headliners" -- one too old, the other too young -- are they being paid out of the $1 million budget"
  • Then, there is this Program "highlight": "Medical Marijuana...Not Just For the High Holy Days." They are just so "cute." (I am not making this up.)
Are we ever cool?? 

Be proud Jewish America. Be proud you leaders of JFNA.

Will they ever learn??



Anonymous said...

Mayor of Toronto on personal branding? Governor of NJ on effective power solicitations? Relevant serious speakers please.

paul jeser said...

Richard Wexler on the successes of the JFNA!

paul jeser said...

Now they can also invite the new head of the NY Federation to sharehis vast professional Federation experience