Monday, December 16, 2013


Friends, it is more evident, day-by-day, that the Global Planning Table is totally out of control, dragging JFNA along with it in the destruction of the system, with the Large City Executives performing the last rites. The JFNA Co-Chairs and the leaders of JAFI and the Joint surely know that the GPT is out of control; yet, ignoring all of the evidence..all of it. 

Either the GPT or its Partnership Committee or who knows what entity of the GPT, is meeting this week. Let's take a look at some of the worst examples of a system in chaos:

  • The LCE have asserted (and believe that the GPT leaders have agreed) that the funding of the GPT "Signature Initiative" will only be derived from "new money," not from current core allocations. Perhaps, this belief makes them feel good; and, certainly, were it true, that would be a step in the right direction. The reality is something different. Perhaps a few of the largest federations will allocate a small amount of new dollars to the Initiative; but the reality is that most communities will only find the funds from their current core allocations. Then what? Will those pushing for funding only out of new money stand their ground? Or will they as in every prior instance...cave? The past, my friends, is prologue. And JFNA's leaders sit by in silence as their/our organization is further diminished (with CEO Silverman's total support).
  • Then there is this conflict: the GPT has assumed the role of lead advocate for an increased core allocation (as pointed out in prior Posts, this is more than a little strange, given that every act taken by the GPT to date has been in derogation of the communal core allocation). It is also the advocate  for federation funding of Signature Initiatives. The inherent, patent conflict of interest in these two roles, totally opposed is each to the other, are ignored as if the conflict of interest does not exist. And JFNA's leaders sit by in silence as their/our organization is further diminished (with CEO Silverman's total support).
  • It is now absolutely clear -- crystal -- that the Global Planning Table's leaders (that's Ms. Manning and her acolytes, including some major philanthropists who just don't get it) plan to substitute themselves in the guise of the GPT as the interface between the federations and overseas needs -- the worst of all possible outcomes. And JFNA's leaders sit by in silence as their/our organization is further diminished (with CEO Silverman's total support).
And there is nothing but silence all around.

Sad...really sad.



Anonymous said...

The smartest people in the room are destroying our system; in many instances these are the same people who built that system. Must make them proud.

Anonymous said...

How have the Jewish Agency and JDC fallen for this? They are the ones who will pay for it -- through the nose.

paul jeser said...

It seems to me that JAFI and JDC have gone off on their own so they will not have to depend on the Federation world.

Anonymous said...

So UJA and CJF merged a number of years ago. What is happening now is that JDC and JAFI essentially need to fend for themselves and are undertaking their own fundraising. So, what are we left with. A return to UJA-ish structure with an incredibly bloated (budget-wise) JFNA with none of the wisdsom, planning or help for Federations that CJF used to provide.