Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I want to be fair to JFNA -- a place where I still have a few friends and, even more so, many hopes. So I am going to Post the various GA Registration numbers I have heard; you can choose the one you think most realistic:

  • JFNA leaders have been receiving weekly Registration updates that lead them to believe that, with a sudden influx of Mission participants who had been unregistered, Registration is now at 3,000 and rising;
  • Others at 25 Broadway have told me that Registration is "still on life support" and "underwater" at less than 1,000;
  • One GA Co-Chair has said that current Registration is in excess of 4,000, increasing by 100 each day;
  • Israeli colleagues have told me that they are receiving calls daily "pleading" for attendees; and
  • Some have reminded me that at one recent GA under the current JFNA professional leadership, JFNA crowed about 3,000 registrants, yet when the Registrations were hand counted -- there were less than 950 lay people registered.
Frankly, we'll probably never know. I hope the number of paid lay registrants is 3,000 -- hell, I hope it's 5,000. You can pick your own number -- I think that that is exactly what JFNA is doing.



Anonymous said...

I'm hearing (from an inside source) as of last Friday, 1300 registered. Includes all JFNA staff and approx 150 attending the Sunday afternoon "Shake Up the Shuk Program" (and not registering for the GA itself).

As we all know, JFNA has a *very* long history of not providing accurate attendance numbers of GA attendance.

Anonymous said...

The real questions are: has Silverman been lying to his lay leaders about full paid lay Registrants? And, if so, what will those leaders do about it? Based on all that has gone before, my guess is that they will do nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

If you look at JFNAs GA "registration" numbers, I think you will find that the numbers people are just counting every Mission participant as a GA Registrant whether they have registered or not, and whether they intend to attend the GA or not. It's just duplicitous -- like the JFNA Budget.

Anonymous said...

Per JFNA Briefing the number is 3,000 -- as in "3,000 participants." Are "participants" the same as "Registrants"? Who is JFNA trying to fool other than themselves? Do the JFNA lay leaders even ask the right questions?