Friday, August 9, 2013


While the Post that appeared on these pages earlier today -- Total Kool-Aid -- stated "[F]rom all I know...the lay and professional "Chairs" here are outstanding leaders," an apparent close friend felt it necessary to anonymously rise to the lay Chair's defense and, for that matter, the defense of the Intermediate Federations in general. 

I don't know why what follows had to be submitted anonymously, but I am pleased to reprint that defense below.

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "TOTAL KOOL-AID": 

Rather offended by Anonymous (August 8, 5:03 PM). Just because s/he is ignorant about what's going on does not provide license to 'imply' or defame.

The Intermediate Jewish Federations are working hard to become an organized and effective affinity within the JFNA structure representing over 50+ communities. These communities have a leadership hierarchy of Federation executives and volunteer leadership. There are 13 Intermediate reps on the JFNA Board of Trustees and one specifically so designated on the JFNA Executive Committee; the latter serves as overall chairperson, sharing leadership with the Federation director designated by his/her peers as the chairperson of the Intermediate Federation executives.

Neither position is taken lightly. There are serious discussions as to the appointees. 

The current leadership, Dr. Alice Viroslav of San Antonio and Sue Worrell CEO of Charlotte, are working hard to improve communication between Intermediate Federations and JFNA and among the Intermediate Federations. The memo referenced in the blogpost was an invitation to the 13 reps serving on the JFNA Board of Trustees, as well as to any other Trustees who happen to be from Intermediate Federations. It was a well-conceived gathering, convened by the leadership of the Intermediate Federations, to discuss issues of unique importance to this constituency. It was not, as the rhetoric implies, a JFNA attempt to brainwash Intermediate Federations to JFNA’s agenda. To that end, I think Richard’s blog title, “Total Kool Aid,” was totally off base.

Back to Anonymous’ hateful/hurtful comment that one simply ‘show up with the ability to read’ to serve as the lay chairperson of a city-size group, I can’t speak for the other city size groups, but this comment is offensive when considering Dr. Viroslav. She is a renowned radiologist and respected volunteer. She was active in UJC/JFNA National Young Leadership culminating in her serving as national co-chairperson. She continues her national involvement in fundraising and on the JFNA Board of Trustees. Unlike many national leaders, she remains active in her home Federation: after having served as FRD chairperson, she is now the Federation’s board chairperson. She is also active at the JCPA and chaired their national Plenum a few years back.

The Intermediate Federations have a history of excellent group lay leadership and Dr. Viroslav continues that tradition."
I hope that all of us will soon see the impacts the Intermediate Federations as a group will have of JFNA now and into the future. Or have I missed the entire point of this articulate defense?

G-d bless everyone.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

It was a cheap shot at a lay leader who's trying to salvage something from the ongoing trainwreck. The intermediates are probably the city size group getting squeezed worst of all by the denigration of services from the national organization and they make this point repeatedly. Not only that, but many of them see right through the GPT and call it out for the distraction that it is.

RWEX said...

I wish Alice Viroslav and the Federations she is charged to lead, and where I am blessed with many friends around the country, every possible success.

Anonymous said...

I believe that as a group, the Intermediate city-size raises as much, or possibly more than the Large-Intermediate group of federations......therefore, regardless of their individual a group, they are an important 'cog in the wheel'.
In addition, their group of CEOs historically has been the closest-knit of all the city size- groups......all egos (did I spell that correctly.....please don't compare me to Mr. Quayle) were left at the door decades ago.
Alice is a consummate volunteer, and Sue has earned her stripes.
Their group has expressed their concerns about being 'squeezed' going back to the Kanfer-Rieger days......with little attention paid by JFNA leadership......
Time was when there was a dedicated staff person at UJC who served as the liaison and voice for this group.....we all know where staffing for the 120 'other' federations has gone.
Too bad.....

Anonymous said...

Richard are you doing or saying anything of real value? Do you actually think that anyone that matters actually cares what you think??

RWEX said...

Thanks for being a regular and discerning reader.

Anonymous said...


Why do you print Anonymous "Comments" that are nothing more than in personam attacks on you no doubt by the very people who accuse you -- anonymously of course -- of in personam attacks

Anonymous said...

Sure you are pleased to reprint the comment, but not until you threw out some innuendos.

You minimized the post by noting that the author must have been a close friend of the lay chair. You have no idea. You don't know whether the author even knows the lay chair. But you wrote it anyway.

Stick to your opinions on what's going on at JFNA; don't make up innuendos.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that innuendo is an Italian based manufacturer of suppositories.

RWEX said...