Monday, June 3, 2013


This is merely an Addendum to the prior Posts on the JFNA Budget. It passed...unanimously. It passed in less time, far less time, half the time,  with far less discussion, than did a Resolution on the Kotel issues. $30 million...gone, with congratulations, no less.

So, you ask, what did I expect? And you know my answer: exactly what happened, exactly how it happened. You be the judge as to how our responsibilities -- to our donors, our communities, our People -- are being met.

I thought it would interest you, my readers, in a Comment received to the Posts on the Budget from our friend, Dan Brown, who conceived and publishes ejewishphilanthropy:

"Last June, Silverman emailed me asking what areas I thought JFNA was not transparent in.

I responded, "Budget to start." I've asked previously for, and have never received, JFNA's budget.

I'd like to see JFNA provide exactly what JAFI does - a public, category by category budget, released as soon as it is approved, along with regular budget updates provided during the year highlighting all changes."

Silverman responded (6/29/12) that he did not know why it was their practice not to publish the budget as it is made available to all federations and others. He also said he would look into it.

It's almost 12 months later and I haven't heard boo.
Have you? Surprised? Not with this leadership."
So to JFNA, congrats again on that Budget that hides rather than discloses, standing the concept of "Budget" on its head.


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Anonymous said...


I attended this Board meeting and let me tell you I now know what it must have been like at that People's Temple in Guyana. The more delusional the presentation, the more the applause. Paul Kane was doing FRD, there are 53 Federation Missions to the GA, the Budget is just great, etc.

Insanity reigns and attendance was good