Sunday, May 12, 2013


JFNA "jumped the shark" at least 3+ years ago (or, perhaps, 6) in this observer's opinion. Now, it appears, the federation world has caught on to the disaster JFNA has become. An anonymous Federation leader wrote the Blog to offer his/her insights as follows:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "OF LEADERS, PRETENDERS AND SYCOPHANTS": 

Global Planning Table. My community has heard the argument that if it does not continue/pass/come to fruition, JFNA will crumble, go out of business, or lose its self respect. Whatever, the changing excuse for the month is that month.

This process has already cost JDC, JAFI and JFNA millions of dollars of our charitable funds.

This ship has sunk. There is no saving it.

Michael, Diane, Stephen and Gerard: Please listen carefully - you are shepherding JFNA's own demise. 

Nobody chose you to do that. Please do something before it is too late. 

JFNA is spending more on GPT staff than it spends on campaign staff. 

Just announce that it was a great process, we learned a lot, thank you to all the participants, and the number one lesson that we learned is that we have to go out and raise more money for our overseas partners.

My community will be announcing a significant reduction in our JFNA dues only as a vote of no confidence in JFNA. We will not be alone.

The three top lay leaders are good and capable people. It is time for them to stand up to the CEO who is out of control.

It is nothing less than their personal legacy that is on the line together with our most important national communal resources.

Stop fiddling around while JFNA is burning"

And all of this before the Harlem Shake and JILF.

Based upon past experience, it is hard to know if any Federation, when push comes to shove, will follow through in its determination to send a message to JFNA's leaders as the Anonymous Commentator has stated -- but, if one does, so will many. And Siegal and Feinberg should know that if that becomes reality, they, our leaders, will reap what others have sown and they will spend the weeks and months ahead chasing federations for unpaid Dues rather than leading JFNA to being the best representative of all of us.

And, then, these JFNA leaders will join the Federation CEOs who have helped to to bury our system in this mess that it is in, performing the last rites for an organization that died at its own hand.



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Never underestimate the resilience of mediocrity, the desire of many to stay in the game, the cynicism of those protecting status and paycheck. As Yeats wrote, "the best lack all conviction, the worst are full of passionate intensity".

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so nice of you to have joined this jolly band