Thursday, February 7, 2013


During the recent American election, the inexhaustible Bill Clinton, sarcastically criticized the Republicans for ignoring "arithmetic" in their so-called plans. I was reminded of Clinton's admonition when reading a comprehensive "Update on Federation Response to Operation Pillar of Defense." Let me say at the outset that the analysis is excellent and the work of the JFNA Israel Terror Relief Fund (the "ITRF") task force exemplary. Yet....and yet....arithmetic.

The ITRF allocated federation resources in three tranches: $3.45, $1.6 and $.6 -- a total of $5,650,000. OK, 10% over the fund raising goal but all of the allocations appear thought through with care. Yet...and yet....arithmetic. 

Nowhere in JFNA's excellent transmittal (it must have been sent to all federations and JFNA Board members -- I received a copy) is there any analysis of know, the money. I know that my federation more than met its "fair share" and did so before raising the funds...but, that's all I know. What has JFNA, you know the organization that used to raise money in particular for special campaigns, done to raise the $5 million? Sent out a Memo? Called the federations one-by-one? Followed up. G-d forbid? We don't know that; we do know how the funds that may or may not be raised will be allocated, but not how or how much.

We know that there were at least two national Operation Pillar of Defense Missions  -- with no fund raising, the presence of the National Campaign Chair notwithstanding -- what follow up took place with those communal leaders and how much was subsequently raised from their communities? We don't know; we haven't been told. BUT JFNA KNOWS AND THEY AIN'T TELLING.

We know that $5 million has not been raised, only that $5.650 million has been allocated and committed by our representatives. Oh my. Arithmetic.



Anonymous said...

More to the point, how much money has actually been distributed to those organizations to which it has been allocated? If it has not been distributed when does JFNA plan to distribute the moeny?

Anonymous said...


Does JFNA just spew out volumes of information to cover up the fact that it is providing almost no information on matters of substance, on matters of fiduciary responsibility? And why do we continue to just nod and obey? The "New Leaders" as you call them have had enough time to act.