Saturday, December 22, 2012


A JFNA GPT insider sent the following as a Comment to this morning's Post on the futility of the GPT. It is important that every reader understand this futility:

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "AND ON AND ON IT GOES":

There is no consensus of the GPT at the GPT. None. Nobody gets it.

The well meaning and proud chair, David Butler, optimistically just wants there to be something he can be proud of. He rolls with the punches.

There is gentle pushback by a lay leadership scared of personal consequences and there is strong support of "something" by the professionals. No one, and I mean no one, on the GPT knows where this run away train is headed. The rules change every other month. Reports that have lay leader input are simply re-written to change direction between the meetings. The "something" the professionals are supporting is some form of professional courtesy, that if this lunacy just ends, it will herald the end of the term of Jerry Silverman.

If this train goes much further down the track, it will destroy JFNA's credibility once and for all. It will also help to deconstruct the Federations. Collective responsibility does not mean funding pet projects of leadership, diverting overseas funding to local needs, nor does it mean creating fictions to somehow prove JFNA's relevance.

It is time to declare that the federations are best served by local decision making with input and advocacy by the national movement. Natural coalitions like the Negev Task Force are healthy, because they are organic by nature.

As to Jerry, well, that dog just won't hunt. Time for a new one." (emphasis added throughout)




Anonymous said...

We have spent the last years learning how private equity firms like Bain tale control of businesses, load them with debt, take the money and move them to bankruptcy. Well a certain type of consultant can do the same with a project like the GPT through obfuscation and a never ending Billing intense process. Nice work if you can get it.

paul jeser said...

Just to be accurate, Bain also 'saved' Staples, Guitar Center, and others....