Friday, April 6, 2012


In the midst of so much darkness, for all of us there is the light of the celebration that begins tonight as we share with one another our annual celebration of freedom and hope. At our tables in our homes or in the homes of our families or the homes of our friends, wherever our Seders are held, we will be together in celebration as we stood together at Sinai. Thus, I and my family are so happy to be celebrating together with you, my friends, the beauty of our history and the beauty of Jewish Peoplehood.

May you and yours have a zissen Pesach, Shabbat shalom and...l'shana ha'ba-a b'yerushalayim.



Anonymous said...

If only all your posts were as thoughtful, positive and constructive!

RWEX said...

Dear Anonymous,

In the spirit of the Chag, I will just say thanks.

Oh, and there will no doubt be another Post tomorrow.

paul jeser said...

Chag Samayach....

From a VERY close friend

From one of my favorite groups

My favorite arrangement of my favorite Seder melody

Chag Samayach from members of the IDF

RWEX said...

Thank you Paul. The Links in your Message are each as sweet as the sweetest Charoset.

Chag sameach.