Sunday, January 22, 2012


In response to my Post asking IS THERE SOMETHING IN THE WATER?, I received and published an Anonymous Comment:
"You should know that there are professionals at JFNA who work tirelessly in pursuit of our highest goals and aspirations, alongside many fine lay leaders, despite the lack of support from within -- and from you all on the outside. Keep attacking and they will just dig in their heels deeper, oppressing those of us who are there for the sanctity of the cause. If you really want to help, get involved in a constructive way. Stop saying they won't let you in, and just barge your way in, if you really care at all. There are enough good people worth this kind of time and effort.   
                               Or just don't really care at all."

Friends, I don't know if this plea/critique was directed at me or you or all of us, but I will respond. I have heard from many lay and professional leaders around the continent, from every City-size federation and from the Network, who fear, in this "go along to get along" organization, raising their voices -- fear "barging in" if you will. They have seen how leaders who have expressed privately constructive criticism have been ostracized and isolated.

There are great professionals at JFNA, but they are fewer and fewer. The favored are those who have curried and continue to curry favor with the CEO/President who speaks a great game about wanting the best and brightest on his staff but then fails in execution...and seemingly takes only the advice that confirms his own predetermination based on...what exactly? Jerry's seeming "confidence" is in only those few senior professionals who echo his views and opinions -- a dangerous way to run a $30.3 million business.

It's a sorry situation for those great young pros who joined JFNA to be part of a movement and find themselves stuck in a place without purpose or passion, often engaged in the frivolous (e.g., Registration [and discounts extended] is open for Tribefest 2 starring Rachel Dratch [??] and so very many others) ignoring the federations needs and wants.

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paul jeser said...

As we have seen the destruction of the Federation system we have also seen the destruction of the Jewish Communal Service.