Friday, June 17, 2011


~ It's nice and appropriate that JFNA remembers those great philanthropists and communal leaders upon their deaths. But, how does one explain the eulogy appearing on June 13 for one of our People's best ever, one who died on April 2? Did they forget? Were they asleep at the switch? Whatever? All of the above?

~ Whenever I am at breakfast reading the International Herald Tribune, I know that I am in a place I love and/or with people I love and admire. The latter us certainly true as I write this from Moscow. In today's Trib appeared three headlines that caused me to ponder: (1) "Walesa is ill with pneumonia, but his health is called good;" and (2) "Blogger known as 'Gay Girl' is American man;" and, to make Mel Brooks proud, (3) "A 21-volume dictionary for a language not spoken for 2,000 years." Then, I went back to my breakfast.

~ A brilliant Comment to my Post on "Arrogance Unbound" questioned why any federation or donor would "trust" JFNA to substitute its determination of the application of overseas allocations. "JFNA is a mess" the Comment went on. That is, of course, a seminal question. JFNA has been charged with certain basic responsibilities, none of which...that's "none" as in zero...other than JFNA-Washington and disaster relief are being performed adequately if at all...yet, it believes its judgment is better than that of the federations themselves, our donors and JDC and the Jewish Agency. Why? Just because "we are JFNA" apparently.

~ Rebranding, again? One of the FOB caught this one: on June 16, we received the JDNA Daily Media Guide -- that's right, "JDNA." The reader asked: "huh?" So, I Googled "JDNA." Here's the answer: "JDNA is ... currently the sole distributor for Gogo's Crazy Bones in Noth America." Sounds about right to me.



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I know it is a day early, but happy birthday. I for one will be sad to see the blog disappear, however, I will be even sadder if it has to return because that will mean that the owners of JFNA have failed to accept their responsibility yet again.