Thursday, April 7, 2011


Based on a true story:

The wife: "Honey, would you roll over. I need some room."

The husband: "I'm not in bed; I'm in the bathroom, what are you talking about?"

The wife: "Then, who...? Oh my G-d!!! It's Jerry!!!"

Yes, it's the "Secret Silverman Sleepover Tour" -- Jerry's latest strategy to learn more and make new friends. Having visited 78 (+) federations since he became CEO and President, apparently Jerry is now into house calls. And not just any houses, mind you, only the nicest and, apparently, those in the nicest winter climes. No, he hasn't been to my house, but Bobbi and I want to use this Post to invite Jerry any time -- kosher home on top of it (although that appears not to be a criterion), nearby the Nasatir Residence, etc.

So far the "Tour" seems to be strategic -- Jerry has mainly visited the homes of those who can influence Dues decisions in their communities. But it would be unfair of me to suggest ulterior motives to a guy just looking for some quality conversation and...a good night's sleep. Newton's First Law of Physics clearly applies to Jerry -- "an object in motion tends to stay in motion." He takes copious notes (which I applaud) but does he have time to read them?

I won't be revealing whose homes Jerry has graced so far and I don't pretend to know his plans into the future but I don't expect that he will visiting your house or mine any time soon.


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's a strategic plan to save the budget by not having unecessary hotel bills in communities that aren't paying fair share dues.