Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On the eve of the New Year, one of JFNA's leaders offered me best wishes in response to the Post on the epidemic of "Sychophanticism."

"You are aware that your blog reads like an 8 year-olds missive against the other "mean" kids who don't want to play with you anymore, right?? What a sad way to go out, Richard. Kind of pathetic, actually.

Seeing as your years of blogging have admittedly had zero positive effect on what you see as JFNA's wayward course, why don't you give up the ghost and find something more constructive to do with your free time?

Just wondering what makes you tick, because you must know that this blog does nothing to enhance your image in the community."

It saddens me that one who demanded absolute fealty from those in UJC/JFNA leadership to be "on the team," would continue to harshly criticize those who push back while still hiding behind the worn cloak of anonymity. In this season of introspection, I have examined my conscience and regret the minimal impact I have had. You and your claque, my friend, ought to examine the organization that has emerged -- unfocused when it should be focused, exclusive when it must be inclusive, and irrelevant to its owners when it should be relevant. (If you disagree, please write.) "Pathetic" indeed.

In response came two public Anonymous Comments:

"Your exchange with the previous Anonymous might explain why I can't recall the last time a Federation/UJA/UJC/JFNA board member or staff person tried something truly innovative or courageous and survived? We veterans have an extra al chayt this week -- for the sin of not speaking out in time forcefully when we could have made a difference or were faced with nareshkeit. (Guess this comment also makes me another bullied 8 year old - hope my "seniors only" condo development doesn't complain!)"

"... as another longtime veteran I disagree. We don't owe anyone an apology for not speaking up because many of us have in one way or the other. The problem has more to do with the question - Does a falling tree make any noise if there is no one in the forest to hear the sound? For roughly the first 4 years (plus or minus) of UJC there were people in the forest. For the past 6 years (plus or minus) everyone has left the forest and they aren't hearing the sounds being made."

Yes, the first Anonymous Commentator has a lot, a whole lot to be proud of. One thing is certain -- that leader truly understands the word "pathetic" -- it describes the organization and the culture created by that leader and that leader's ilk.


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RWEX said...

To Anonymous,

Your Comments, though stimulating, being nothing more than the very in personam attacks that accuse me of making, aren't going to be published here. Treat this Blog like a television program you don't wish to watch...and...just...change..the...channel.