Sunday, June 6, 2010


Of course, I have been reading with you the virulent anti-semitic and anti-Israel remarks from the mouth of Helen Thomas directing Jews to "get out of Palestine (Israel doesn't exist to her) and go back to Poland and Germany." I have been seeing each citation to her screed identify her as a "journalist" or "Queen of the White House press corps" or "White House correspondent." I have read responses from Ari Fleisher and Sarah Palin, properly condemning her.

Here is what I am waiting for:

~ Condemnation and, even better, termination by her employer, the Hearst Corporation;

~ A statement from Robert Gibbs, Obama's press secretary, asserting that Thomas is no longer welcome in the White House Press Room; and from the President that hate speech is impermissible in this country and will not be tolerated in the White House itself;

~ Responsible journalists issuing appropriate statements reproaching Thomas and isolating her from those who actually report the news;

~ And expressions of outrage not only from Abe Foxman and his ADL but from all of our federation institutions pointing out, at the least, the American Jewish community will not subscribe to any publication in which Thomas's drivel appears.

And, I and you will continue to wait, I'm afraid.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, anyone familiar with this nasty woman's record isn't shocked by this outburst. Perhaps surprised that she said it in public, but not shocked.

paul jeser said...

Taken from blog by R.Simon - Pajamas Media:

"...people have said things even more bigoted and stupid than dotty old Helen Thomas did the other day (not that she was any brighter before she got dotty), but I can’t help but thinking Ms. Helen felt freer to express her rancid anti-Semitism because of the times in which we live. I mean — to be blunt – the era of Barack Obama.

Consciously or not, our President — with his increased, and pompously self-righteous, pressure on Israel — has sent a message to the world. It’s time to blame the Jews. And the world, in economic extremis, is all too eager to find someone to blame...."


"...there are those who pretend to defend (Israel) while criticizing. These critics usually say they should be free to criticize, that it is the sign of democracy. And it is. But one wonders how they feel when hearing the vitriol spewed by Thomas."


paul jeser said...

No - two different issues.

However, in actuality, those American Jews who publically criticize Israel do more damage than Thomas ever could.

Anonymous said...

Paul, does that include the ZOA and the US supporters of the settlement right who were in open and contemptuous revolt against PM's Rabin, Barak, Sharon and Olmert when they proposed a two state solution?

paul jeser said...


If we, as Americans, have a criticism then it should be shared quietly - certainly not through the media.

American Jews who think they know better ways for Israel to be run should make aliyah, pay Israeli taxes, serve in the IDF - put their lives where their mouths are. Then they have earned that right.

Can you imagine the outcry if Israelis would be publically telling the US how to handle the immigration situation?

RWEX said...


It is clear that Paul believes that American Jews cannot publicly Comment on matters related to Israel's security. I don't believe he will change his mind even though we know that many Israeli leaders have strong opinions strongly expressed about our country's policies -- we often hear those at JAFI meetigs.

So, with your permission, may we move on?

Anonymous said...

JFNA issues a statement to the news media first thing Monday morning. I heard that the Washington Action Office was among the first to be pushing the story with the news media and spreading it through social media.

Anonymous said...


RWEX said...

To a couple of you:

1. Great that JFNA was "on the case" Monday a.m. to the news media (have you seen the statement?) and the WAO through "social media" (would that mean William Daroff's Tweets?

2.As to CAPS (haven't seen those in a few months) -- yes, the President is my "neighbor" in the sense that we are both homeowners in Illinois and 49 years ago I lived in Hyde Park. The Administration has spoken clearly that Thomas's remarks were unacceptable. You want Obama to state clearly that he would "kick her ass?""