Friday, May 7, 2010


Our friends in leadership of JFNA are just well-meaning pretty nice folk. The Executive Committee met earlier this week and discussed the Joint's throwing of the gauntlet with apparent indignation. After the ExCom Meeting some unnamed group of JFNA leaders met further and came up with a very simple and, like them, well-meaning challenge to JDC (which must have had the Joint leaders cowering and laughing simultaneously). Here's what JFNA leaders came up with:

If the Joint will not take their first two "threats" off the table at the JDC Executive Committee and Board Meetings next week and off the table for the scheduled May 17 meeting among JFNA, JDC and JAFI on May 17, well, gosh dang it, JFNA will cancel the May 17 meeting. I can picture Irv Smokler and Steve Schwager going "Oooooooooooooooooooh noooooooooo, not that." So JDC agreed to "take recommendations 1 and 2 off the table." And, just to be sure, Michael Gelman reported to the federations (but not to the JFNA Board), that he, Kathy and Jerry will be at the JDC meetings.

So, there you have it....well, no. As the impacted federations know, the Joint has already been implementing "recommendations 1 and 2" selectively. In some communities the Joint agreed not to directly fund raise if the federation drastically modified its designated allocation "split;" in others it has hired current or former professionals to begin a JDC FRD process. At no federation which received the Joint threat have "recommendations 1 and 2 been taken off the table." In other words, Michael Gelman, the Joint Task Force Recommendations are already in play...but you knew that...didn't you? Oh, spare us the feckless.

Have a great Shabbat.


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paul jeser said...

The JFNA can not do anything about this issue because of the FEDS inability to raise the funds needed.

The FEDS, for the most part, have become just 'another' fundraising organization competing with (too) many others.

The American 'Friends' are where many donors send their 'overseas' contributions to and the JDC, and in the not too distant future, JAFI, will have to compete directly with them.

Good or bad - right or wrong - we are probably past the point of no return.