Sunday, April 11, 2010


One of our readers suggested:

"I think Richard you should volunteer your Blog for an open mike contest (no pun intended):

'Identify a specific project JFNA should undertake and/or identify a specific activity from which JFNA should withdraw.'

All submissions in 4 sentences or less and to be published in a single day. (Lag B'omer falling this year on May 2 might have the right symbolism...)"

OK. Let's give it a try. No prizes but if there is a winner we will declare the winner to be our Hero. Help the system -- send your ideas to the Blog as a Comment or e-mail me directly at All submittals will be held in confidence.

Any ideas out there?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Idea: As separated Federations may be from JFNA thats how distant they have become from each other. Reinvest in activities that connect Federations to new ideas and best practices in community building, leadership engagement and fundraising. Tap in to the creativity from within the system. Redeploy JFNA staff to work in local Federations for extended periods of time to become connectors in this regard.