Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have been appropriately chastised by writers from PresenTense (for spelling, among other things) and on behalf of a variety of "new, new things" for my apparent short-sightedness. No one doubts these many organizations "...energy, creativity, organizational ability, and Jewish passion" among other things. Now, if the same writers or others will point to how their "leadership" transports and supports the federation leadership table at which they claim to sit in various communities, we'll move forward yachad.

The reality is something quite different. We have in our leadership cadre men and women who graduate from Young Leadership Cabinets who can't find room at the Federation leadership tables. Instead of focusing our federated communities on those men and women, we find our organizations out seeking this "new, new thing." It is part of the institutional attention deficit disorder afflicting some (well, at least one) of our entities. Certainly the present and future must be filled with portals of entry -- let's assure that -- but the excellence of our communal instrumentalities will only be assured when our leadership is trained and ready to lead -- at every age.



paul jeser said...

It is not that the FEDS aren't making room... The real issue is that the graduates of young ldrship groups (Fed, Wexner, etc) don't see the FEDS as the place they want to be.

The FEDS need to make major changes or they will continue to decline in every way.

RWEX said...

Dear Paul,

There is no empirical evidence that I know of that supports your conclusion that graduates of the Young Leadership Cabinet "...don't see the FEDS as the place they want to be." In fact, the evidence is to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

the real new new thing is the unthinkable silence of JFNA on the health care bill. Daroff may have sealed his next job in a future Republican administration but he has destroyed the integrity of our system and betrayed our seniors and our reputation for justice and fairness. at the very least we could have comented on those aspects of the legislation universally worth applauding and retaining. A shandeh and an embarrassment to every Jewish congressman but one who worked tirelessly on the bill.

Anonymous said...

There are those who defined UJA Young Leadership Cabinet as one Jew inviting three others into a hotel room to perform an un-natural act. A caucus.

Sorry Paul, you are not just out of touch in your cabinet comment. You are just plain wrong. There is past YLC leadership everywhere you look at JFNA: Kathy Manning, Michael Gelman, Joe Kanfer Susan Stern, Jodi Schwartz, Fred Zimmerman, Michael Leibovitz, Michael Adler, Bruce Arbit, Dede Feinberg, Marc Fisher, Sabi Behar, Andy Groveman
Jody Kaufman Loewenstein,
Lori Klinghoffer.

Hello, earth to Jeser, come in Jeser...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous1: Don't blame Daroff or UJC-Washington, blame the large city execs. See JTA: http://www.jta.org/news/article/2010/03/23/1011321/groups-pushed-for-health-care-reform-but-some-keeping-quiet-on-bill