Monday, November 16, 2009


So...they're sitting at a Conference of Presidents meeting when a murmur echoes through the room. "What's up?" folks ask. It turns out that 52 goats had disappeared...disappeared...from the Youth Aliyah Village of Ben Yakir. "Oy vey." With all the issues confronting the Jewish People...this is about goats...goats!!

Unanimity -- "we must help the kids at Ben Yakir." Almost spontaneously, almost, the Jewish Agency began an important FRD effort on the spot. $120 per goat. The response was immediate -- an outpouring of funds to rescue and protect goats for the Youth Village of Ben Yakir. So far, 120 "new" goats will be acquired, a fence built and a security system installed -- probably satellite reconnaissance included. Think about it -- 52 goats disapper, 120 goats purchased-- this is a real successful FRD effort. If you build the product, they will come...or something like that.

No more questions about priorities...please!! Just don't be surprised when you call a leader in the community for her or his 2010 gift to the annual campaign and hear: "Oh, I made my gift; bought a goat for Ben Yakir."

Ha Gadya-aaah, had gadya.


Anonymous said...

They got a lousy deal. One goat!$120!! Are you "kidding" me. You can get a 100 lb kid for $45.00 in the U.S. My father bought one for two zuzim. Ben Yakir was Ben Yakar

They have made a muttony out of this.

Chad Gadya

RWEX said...

Two zuzim -- of course. But look at this way: 2 zuzim + chai + inflation = $120. And, that preice includes fence, security and aerial surveillance.

Anonymous said...

Richard --you are definitely not as funny as the original press release (thought you were KIDding.)

RWEX said...

Y'all are good...really good!! But you can't get my goat on this one.