Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have made some errors in the Posts on this Blog. When I do, I want to apologize. I have reported more than once that the allocation of $750,000 (in a three year contractual commitment at $250,000 per year) for Sheatufim had never been approved in any UJC Budget. Sam Astrof has sent me the Budget pages and I was very wrong: In 2006-2007, under New Programs -- Israel Center for Civil Society...$250,000. Not only have I been wrong in these pages, I served on the UJC Budget and Finance Committee when this allocation was first made.

So, my apologies. While I continue to search for the disclosure that leadership had theretofore committed UJC to a three year (or was it five) "investment" my sense is that they did not. The issue remains but the budget approval clearly was given.



RWEX said...

Several "Anonymous" Comments have been rejected. They appear to have been written by the same angry reader. As each rejection folows the other, this writer's irrationality becomes greater. I am concerned for him. I have forwarded these to Google for futher investigation. Anonymous we're worried that you may hurt yourself.

RWEX said...

Now "Anonymous" is really mad -- his stream of Comments have been rejected and...maybe...someone took away his crayolas.

Anonymous said...

but why do you censor opinions? isn't this the same behavior you decry in others???

surely you can't be offended by anger - it's the primary emotion expressed on your blog!

Anonymous said...

as you are from Chicago Mr. Wexler it is probably appropriate that you:

Show your certificate of Bris to prove membership in the tribe

deny fully that you advocate pledge panels to counsel senior to pull the plug on their federation gifts

And prove your right under the commerce clause of the constitution to publish your blog