Friday, July 24, 2009


A friend, a leader in his federation and one who shares with me the opinion that Jerry Silverman represents the federations' last and best hope for both UJC's survival and its revivification, wrote to suggest the best way for Jerry to potentially succeed. It's pretty extreme, so if you're the least bit squeamish, please stop reading now... for the rest of you...

"UJC should take no further action on any matter until Silverman takes the helm.

The value of doing so is as follows:

1. There appears to be an inexplicable hiatus between the time of Rieger's official departure and Silverman's official starting date;
2. It would prevent last minute damage from individuals who shall go nameless.
3. Perhaps some resources can be focused on (UJC's basic) mission as opposed to (these leaders) constantly changing one.
4. It would reduce the amount of blogging you would need to do."

OK, so 4. above was below the belt.

Now some have told me that Howard is and has been for all intents and purposes physically gone from 25 Broadway; Joe is probably back in his UJC laboratory at Purell feverishly drafting the next 180 degree shift in his plans for UJC. But, just to make sure no further damage to the UJC body politic occurs, my suggestion is: that the entire Executive Management Team (you know the one that has been superimposed above the Senior Management Team) go on a 30 day unpaid furlough. (This would save the organization enough to cover the costs of several lower level professionals who might otherwise be laid off.) Or, more extreme, let's shut down UJC on August 1 (except for UJC Washington) and see if anyone notices anything other than the Dues that would be saved. And that Silverman be implored to hasten his arrival.

What are your suggestions?



Anonymous said...

"All politics are local" and Jewish communities are built at the grass roots. Perhaps, in these challenging times, we should document, discuss and celebrate "10 local Federation successes" of 2008-2009?

Anonymous said...

Great idea about the furlough--good start.

Next step is to combine it with "service learning"--during the furlough, have each of the UJC EMT members tail a LC Federation professional (who performs similar functions) from a community that has enacted salary cuts and freezes at that level.