Monday, April 6, 2009


So, you probably thought this would be more on the UJC Budget and "off the top." Wrong....for the moment.

A couple of things....

1. Bobby Goldberg, past UJC Board Chair, sends out e-mails with a volume that makes this Blogger jealous. Every once in a while, he comes up with a terrific one -- like the following:

"All aircraft in the Persian Gulf AOR are required to give the Iranian Air Defense Radar (military) a ten minute 'heads up' if they will be transiting Iranian airspace. A guy overheard this conversation on the VHF Guard (emergency) frequency 121.5 MHz while flying from Europe to Dubai . The conversation went like this...

Iranian Air Defense Radar: 'Unknown aircraft you are in Iranian airspace. Identify yourself.' Aircraft: 'This is a United States aircraft. I am in Iraqi airspace.'
Air Defense Radar: 'You are in Iranian airspace. If you do not depart our airspace we will launch interceptor aircraft!'
Aircraft: 'This is a United States Marine Corps FA-18 fighter. Send 'em up, I'll wait!'
Air Defense Radar: (no response ... total silence) "


2. Then, there's this. There is a relatively new show at Chicago's always brilliant Second City. Rod Blagojevich, Superstar. It goes without saying that this is a pretty easy target inasmuch as our State's former Governor is a daily exercise in self-parody at this point. One of many great lines is uttered by a perpetually potty-mouthed characterization of Patti Blagojevich:

"That stupid truth they keep reporting about us, it makes us look bad."

"That stupid truth..."



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