Monday, November 3, 2008


So many thoughts, so little time:

  • If any of you have been advised as to the date of UJC governance approval of the expenditure of $655,000 of your money by UJC as discussed in my October 27 Post --Accountability? - Don't Be Silly -- would you let me know? As Howard has told colleagues that he reads this Blog with his morning coffee, his response would be most welcome.
  • Last Wednesday one of my favorites on the Comics page of the Chicago Tribune, Dilbert, had a strip most appropriate: the CEO and some cronies are sitting around a table playing cards: "Some people see me as a loser who achieves nothing. In reality I am a winner who knows how to set realistic goals." His buddy replies: "So you're sort of a genius." The boss replies: "And yet my only goal was to have a pulse." Hmmmm.
  • On this last day before the election, if you haven't seen it, there is an instant classic on-line: Don't miss it!!
  • You probably don't recall but in a Post on the GA, now only days away, months ago I mistakenly reported that each Registrant would be charged an additional $6 for housekeeping. I was wrong -- that charge is for "porterage" -- apparently tips for the Hotel bellman. Who among us isn't going to tip the person who shlepps our bags to our hotel rooms? Then, I discovered that, unlike prior GA's, our Hotel room rates were not negotiated as "non-commissionable" as in the bad old days when they were non-commissionable -- thus, UJC's hotel vendor is getting a commission on each room of who knows how much adding to each registrant's cost significantly -- 4,000 registrants(!!). But, who cares? It's not our business!!
  • The excellent Executive Search Consultant, DRG, and its President, David Edell, publish a Monthly "Lessons on Leading Non-Profits" that typically are filled with wisdom. In light of UJC's "Search" for a successor CEO, I commend all of our attention to the July 2008 edition. Therein DRG "reminds us that 'people don't leave their jobs, they leave their bosses'" in an article "What Corporate America Can Learn From Physicians: It's All in How You Treat People." Therein the authors offer "five tips:" 1. Be empathetic; 2. Be fair and consistent; 3. Listen with an Open Mind; 4. Take action and follow up; and 5. Create a sense of psychological safety. In light of the on-going management failings, the past "purges" of long-time, valued, caring professionals, and the continuing malaise at UJC, the Search Committee needs to assure that the next "generation" of UJC's top professional leadership has the right stuff.

Vote early and often.


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