Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Curiously, while most of those who have written me privately have expressed support, if not for this Blog itself, for the right to criticize and observe, some at UJC have accused me of being engaged in what they term to be a "vendetta." I find the definition to be dispositive: "vendetta -- a feud between two families or clans that arises out of a slaying and is perpetuated by retaliatory acts of revenge." (Emphasis added.) I have no power to engage in "retaliatory acts" -- in fact, the actions or inactions of UJC's "leaders," who have most often uttered the "vendetta" accusations have been the only evidence of a vendetta -- personal attacks, false accusations, threatening UIA with By-Law modifications, dismissing me from the Budget & Finance Committee, removing UIA's Chair as an ex officio member of the UJC Executive Committee.

Clearly, the reaction to my opinions and criticism first expressed to these "leaders" privately and then, after no response, in this Blog have been in the nature of a vendetta within the definition. Much as these leaders and others "can't handle" criticism in any form, the pathetic attempts to silence me will not succeed. They should know me better than that. If one reads my Posts, the criticism in them, admittedly often harsh, has been driven by what I believe to be a fair reading of the disarray they have created and the precipice toward which the Chair and CEO have been driving UJC without regard for the intent of the merger or the wants and needs of the federations and the donors the federations represent.

Rather than seeking to implement real change within UJC, rather than engaging in any institutional introspection, those in "leadership" have chosen instead to attack the messenger.


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