Tuesday, February 12, 2008


When UJC was in its infancy, leadership made a critical error in framing its allocations process under the rubric Overseas Needs and Disttibution Committee. Using the power of hindsight, was that vital process doomed to failure by the scorn heaped upon it as ONAD? Time marches on...

I used to amuse myself at Jewish organizational meetings by building crossword puzzles out of the acronyms then prevalent in Jewish communal life. Got me through a lot of meetings. Later, I tried acrostics but then limited my "skills" to just the acronyms of organizations in which I was involved. But, try as I do, I can't keep up with the ever-changing world of Jewish organizational acronyms -- particularly those within UJC itself. With the advent of its reorganization, UJC has opened up a whole new world of fun as well as renewing itself:

GOIO -- the new "Global Operations -- Israel and Overseas" a personal favorite

C3 -- "Community Capacity Consulting"

CJP -- the new "Center for Jewish Philanthropy"

SMT -- that old "Senior Management Team"

PCC -- this is, of course, the "Prioritization and Collaboration Committee" (Extra credit if you know what this is or was -- hint, it's informing the "National Federation/Agency Alliance" [the Alliance] which is itself the successor to the "National Funding Councils" -- I am not making this up.)

IAI -- the "Israel Advocacy Initiative" (which may be independent of the GOIO, then, again, maybe not)

JP&I -- "Jewish Peoplehood and Identity"

IECPDTF -- This should be a snap -- the "Israel Emergency Campaign Post-Disengagement Task Force"

NAD -- the "New Acronym Division" of UJC..more to come certainly

I have covered but a few. I would welcome, as always, your assistance and input.

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